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Cuphead - Mugman New Iron on Patch Never used

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New embroidered patch of the Mugman from Cuphead. - Embroidered Patch. It is NEW and roughly measures (3" x 2.5") roughly.  It can be iron on to any fabric. It is new and not used.

He Looks like:

Mugman is very similar in overall appearance to his twin older brother Cuphead, with his head reminiscing a mug and his body being almost identical to his sibling: wearing a black, long-sleeve shirt, yellow gloves, a pair of shorts and brown shoes, although artworks sometimes show him with white gloves.

What's different about Mugman's appearance compared to his brother is having a blue color scheme to replace Cuphead's red, a shorter straw (which elongates to a longer length in one of his intro animations breaks 20% of the way up from the bottom when something hurts him only to pull itself back together), and a much bigger nose. His eyes are smaller and his head is slightly thinner compared to his brother. His body also separates at the waist upon taking damage but pulls itself together within half a second.

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